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Tune-in every Tuesday for the latest in dads and their Father Hoods shenanigans.

Great Convo

We cover every topic… from the first poops and falls, to the ABCs & 123s 

Special Guests

Who knows who will pass through the hood? Producer, Influncer or maybe your favorite rapper’s rapper…

Beats, Rhymes & Diapers

Father Hoods Podcast

From the creators of the most professional, unprofessional podcast, The Drink Champs, comes…Insider Hip-Hop Stories, Parenting Advice and Therapy Sessions: The Father Hoods Podcast 

Hosted and developed by devout hip hop heads, Father Hoods is a weekly podcast where DJ EFN, KGB and Manny Digital discuss being fathers and how they parent from a Hip-Hop perspective. In their rap sessions they get into their child raising strategies, fears and joys – all while serving as each other’s trusted council in figuring out how NOT to screw up being good dads.

Ep. 265: Parent Trappin feat. Rodney Carmichael

Listen On Your Favorite Platform: Welcome back to another enlightening episode of “Father Hoods”! In today’s episode, titled “Parent Trappin”, DJ EFN, KGB, and Manny Digital are joined by the NPR Hip Hop journalist Rodney Carmichael to delve into a...
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This is an important podcast – people don’t really get a true sense about parents in hiphop culture

Bun B
Bun B
Legendary Hip Hop MC

These are the conversations I have been having in my mind, so I appreciate having them with some other fathers. I think you guys are onto something

Chris Morrow
CEO Loud Speakers Network

I want to salute you guys – It’s brave… we are not taught to talk about this stuff. It’s fantastic and hope you generate a huge audience.

Bill Adler
Def Jam / Hip Hop Historian

I don’t get to talk about this stuff ever – This is a great, great concept for a podcast – I think it’s gonna blow up.

Cipha Sounds
Iconic DJ and Comedian
Calling All Dads

You too can be a part of the Father Hoods movement. Subscribe to our social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. Grab a shirt or hoodie from our merchandise section.  Give a listen to our informative and often off the wall podcast and be sure to give us feedback. We’d love to hear from you.  Together we can dispel the myths and rewrite the narrative of fatherhood! Father Hoods Out!