Beats, Rhymes & Diapers

Ep. 162: Gumball feat. Jumbled

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Music is a universal language that everyone can understand and partake in. That’s especially true in this podcast as it is one of the central themes, focusing on hip hop as a starting point in fatherhood with the theme of “Beats, Rhymes and Diapers.”

On this episode, we welcome special guest Jumbled, an up and coming music producer who shares with us his unique take on being a dad via adoption. Very interesting as this is the first time a guest has shared this experience with us.

You’ll hear about…

🎙 How Time Changes Things

🎙 Following In Dad’s Producer Footsteps

🎙 Sharing Your Passion

🎙 Jumbled’s Adoption Story

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Cover Inspiration: Jumbled “Jumbled’s Jukebox”

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