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Ep. 165: The Story of Father Hoods Podcast w/ Paul of the Dream Big Podcast

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We all try to enjoy this Dad Life as much as we can, while we can, and once we get to the point where our children are all grown up, does it end? Hell no! It’s Father Hood forever in this B!@$&

This week we have CrazyHood member Paul of Drink Champs Sports and the Dream Big Podcast joins us to share his experience, given that his many kids are all grown up! Big Dad experience, Ya Heard!!

You’ll hear about…

🎙 Preparing For Kids Leaving The Nest

🎙 Are Student Loans A Scam?

🎙 Looking After Our Kids’ Mental Health

🎙 Mentoring An Artistic Child

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Cover Inspiration: The Wu-Tang Clan “The Story of the Wu-Tang Clan”

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