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Ep. 166: Stimulate Their Mind feat. Ludacris


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Dads often talk about leaving a legacy. We wax poetic about the things we expect to leave behind for our kids and work to serve as some source of inspiration for them to build their lives from.

What about when roles reverse and your kids inspire you to create something bigger than you ever intended?

Rapper/Actor Chris Bridges a.k.a. Ludacris joins the Father Hoods podcast to tell us how his experience as a girl dad inspired him to put a pause on his rap career and launch his new Netflix animated series (Karma’s world), plus his children’s media platform, KidNation. We also kick it with Chris about how he lays the foundation for his kid’s to get what they want.

Not to mention, we get a glimpse into how Luda thinks about the eventuality of his daughter’s in romantic relationships 😫.

You don’t want to miss this!

You’ll hear…
🎙 Luda tells the Father Hoods about his 6 y/o wanting to rap
🎙 Ludacris on how he balances Creativity + Fatherhood
🎙 Give your Kids Hand Ups, Not Hand Outs
🎙 Dad, Can You Buy This For Me?
🎙 Ludacris on Exposing his Kids to his Music
🎙 If I Come Find You, I’mma Kill You

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Cover Inspiration: Ludacris “Theater of the Mind”

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