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Ep. 182: Potty for You

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Fatherhood has a whole bunch of fun and terrible things associated with it. It’s some of the most confusing and best times in a man’s. You get to watch your kids develop and grow. You also get to figure out how to keep your emotions in check when your daughter is being given Valentine’s day cards from boys that like her. As a parent, you get to enjoy the wonderful bacteria that comes from your kids’ time at pre-school and so much more!

In this episode, your favorite podcasting Dads chop it up about Valentine’s Day, kids’ parties (and whether alcohol should be a part), Kanye’s struggles as a father, and how preschool is the most contaminated place on earth!

Tune in and hear about…

🎙 Preschool Is The Sickest

🎙 Kanye’s Parenting Struggle

🎙 Alcohol At Kids’ Parties

🎙 Handling Young Love

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