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Ep. 232: Throwback: Droolin’ feat. Cipha Sounds

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Back at it again with another #throwback episode! On this one we’re joined by “Mr. Very Famous in NY” Cipha Sounds! Just so happens we’re re-releasing this gem of an episode on the very week Ciph makes his long awaited return to NYC Radio as the newest member of 94.7FM The Block. 

On this episode of the Father Hoods Pod, take a seat and join your favorite podcasting dads, Manny Digital, DJ EFN, and KGB with Cipha Sounds as they revisit the happenings that occurred back at the beginning of COVID-19 in the year 2020.

You’ll also get to hear about Cipha Sounds and his perspective on different religious beliefs and hear his reaction to the thought of having either of his kids ever talk about being a Satanist.

Tap in and get your weekly dose of that #FatherHood real! 

You’ll hear about…

🎙Quarantine Days

🎙”New Normal”

🎙Changes brought by the pandemic

🎙What would you do if your kids talk about Satan?

🎙Setting up a good example

🎙Hip Hop music and Kids

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Cover Inspiration: Fat Joe feat J Lo “Stressin'”


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