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Ep. 253: Kid Cuisine feat. Ghetto Gastro

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We’re back with a FRESH one!

On this episode of the Father Hoods Pod, Manny Digital, DJ EFN, and KGB welcome special guests, The Bronx Culinary Collective: Ghetto Gastro’s Pierre Serrao and Lester Walker!

Take a seat and join your favorite podcasting Dads as they dive in to get to know more about the parenting side of Ghetto Gastro. Get ready for some sage parenting advice on how to get your kids started on living a healthier lifestyle.

Tap in and get your weekly dose of #FatherHood realness!!!

You’ll hear about…

🎙Providing Nourishment for the Family

🎙Ghetto Gastro’s Mission

🎙Kids and Food Choices

🎙Encouraging Young Ones to Follow Healthy Habits

🎙Ghetto Gastro: Black Power Kitchen

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Cover Inspiration: La Flare


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