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Ep. 254: Focus On Bible & Music feat. Lecrae


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In this episode of “Father Hoods,” Lecrae joins hosts DJ EFN, KGB, and Manny Digital to discuss the importance of personal perspective in music and staying true to oneself in the ever-changing world of Hip Hop. Lecrae shares encounters with Erykah Badu and Lil’ Flip that challenged his preconceived notions. He emphasizes that Hip Hop is about expressing authenticity and individuality, rather than being boxed into specific categories. The hosts also explore parenting strategies, highlighting the transition from authoritative to supportive and controlling approaches as children grow. They stress the significance of mutual respect, control over access rather than actions, and open discussions about potentially negative influences. 

The Dads share personal stories, emphasizing vulnerability and transparency in communicating with their children. They also touch on integrating faith into everyday life, exposing children to various religions, and engaging in actions that align with their beliefs. 

Finally, they challenge traditional views on swearing, promoting a sense of freedom and cultural understanding. Throughout the conversation, they stress the importance of building relationships with their children and embracing the joys and challenges of parenthood while remaining true to oneself.

You’ll hear about:

0:00 – Introduction to the episode featuring Lecrae

2:15 – Reflections on encounters with Erica Badu and Little Flip challenging preconceived notions

5:30 – Hip hop as a platform for expressing authenticity and individuality

9:45 – The negative impact of being boxed into specific categories in the music industry

12:20 – Nurturing freedom and resisting labels and expectations

15:00 – The speaker’s son’s encounter with Roddy Rich at USC

17:10 – Transitioning from authoritative to supportive and controlling parenting

19:30 – Controlling access rather than actions in parenting

22:10 – The power of vulnerable and transparent conversations between parents and children

25:40 – Embracing emotions and showing humanity in parenting

28:20 – The speaker’s transformative journey embracing faith and spirituality

32:15 – The moral grounding and code of ethics historically present in hip hop

35:00 – Fostering an appreciation for quality music and Hip Hop  in children

38:30 – Approaching parenting in different stages and building a relationship with children

41:50 – Guiding children through their choices and discussing potentially negative influences

44:25 – Integrating faith into everyday life and teaching children about world religions

47:10 – Engaging in actions aligned with faith and exposing children to the realities of the world

50:00 – Challenging traditional views on swearing and promoting freedom and cultural understanding

53:30 – Speculations on the future of a specific individual in Hip Hop culture and their potential as a parent

57:00 – Embracing the joys and challenges of parenthood and staying true to oneself

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Cover Inspiration: Lecrae x Zaytoven


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