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Ep. 256: Co-Parent feat. Andrew Horn

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On this episode of Father Hoods, hosts DJ EFN and Manny Digital are joined by special guest Andrew Horn to delve into the complexities of fatherhood, relationships, and personal growth. With heartfelt and honest conversations, they explore topics such as divorce, co-parenting, conscious communication, and the importance of community. As they share personal experiences and insights, they challenge societal norms and aim to inspire listeners and viewers to approach life’s challenges with love and authenticity. Tune in for an episode filled with wisdom, vulnerability, and the power of intentional living.

Show Notes:

  • Andrew Horn discusses the transformative impact of divorce and how it can lead to personal growth and healthier relationships (00:04:25).
  • The power of conscious communication and setting agreements in navigating conflict and co-parenting (00:08:47).
  • A heartwarming moment between Andrew Horn, his ex-wife Miki Agarwal, and his new partner singing a lullaby together, showcasing the importance of maintaining positive relationships (00:10:07).
  • Reflections on Andrew Horn’s approach to divorce, creating a container of love for his son, and challenging societal narratives (00:25:05).
  • Andrew Horn’s experience with loneliness and the role of community in personal development and counteracting extremism (00:40:10).

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Andrew Horn is a passionate entrepreneur who has dedicated his career to facilitating human connection and transformation. Growing up in Hawaii, he experienced loneliness and insecurities, which led him to seek external validation. Determined to help others overcome similar challenges, Andrew focused on studying interpersonal dynamics and communication. Over the past ten years, he has successfully built Tribute. Co, a technology company that allows people to express appreciation and gratitude through personalized videos. With over 6 million Tribute videos sent globally, Andrew believes appreciation and gratitude deepen relationships. Additionally, he has created Junto (, a platform for modern men’s work that offers wilderness rites of passage experiences to help men embrace personal integrity and relational mastery. Andrew also works one-on-one with social entrepreneurs to help them build impactful businesses while maintaining a fulfilling personal life. Overall, Andrew’s work is a testament to his commitment to fostering genuine connections and empowering individuals to live authentically.

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