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Ep. 264: #Throwback: Reasonable Doubts in Parenting feat. Sacha Jenkins

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In this episode of the Fatherhoods podcast, we discuss the intricacies of raising children in a world that is constantly evolving and changing. We delve into the importance of teaching our children about diverse perspectives on gender and sexual preference. Manny Digital shares a conversation he had with his son about gender assumptions, highlighting the changing nature of political correctness. Fatherhood issues took a turn when KGB’s wife gets upset over an episode misunderstanding, shedding a light on the intricacies of podcasting and communication. The discussion gets even more personal when Manny shares about his own family blending process – having a step-daughter and a biological son. The conversation then shifts to guest Sacha Jenkins, a multifaceted personality who shares his journey about balancing creativity with fatherhood and the importance of fostering a drama-free co-parenting environment. 

Additionally, we discuss how to handle explicit content around children and how to approach the evolving discussion of sex and gender with the younger generation. Lastly, we ponder on the implications of children choosing to transition at an early age and the significance parental guidance plays in such critical decisions.


  • Navigating Gender Identity with a Six-Year-Old
  • The Step-Dad/Bio-Dad Balance
  • Kids, Tech, & The Sex Talk

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Yo Father Hoods fam, when you’re out and about with your baby and they start whylin out, what do you do? Most Dads fumble through the traditional baby bag their lady prepped for them trying to find that one thing that will calm the kid down. That doesn’t have to be your life!


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