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Ep. 267: Child Support is Fraud feat. Lionell “TJ” Tillman

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In this episode of Father Hoods, hosts Manny Digital and DJ EFN, yup of Drink Champs, dive deep into the world of parental rights and child support reform with special guest Lionell “TJ” Tillman. Lionell shares his personal journey through child support, and how he defended himself in court and was able to get his case dismissed as fraud. 

Lionell sheds light on the challenges facing noncustodial parents and explores how outdated laws and an unfair system put them at a disadvantage. From discussing federal law versus state statutes to dissecting Supreme Court cases, Lionell shares insightful perspectives and advocates for equal time and rights for both parents. 

Lionell talks about his book “How I Stopped Child Support Legally” which breaks down his entire battle with the courts and walks through all the legal documents, precedents, and granular tactics he used to win his fight.

Tune in to this thought-provoking conversation that aims to educate and empower parents!

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