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Ep. 272: Race Convos & Parenting

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In this episode of Father Hoods, hosts Manny Digital and KGB rap about the complex and difficult topic of racial and cultural identity from the perspective of parenting. They share personal experiences and reflections on navigating these intricacies within their own families, providing insight into the challenges of raising children of mixed race and cultural backgrounds. Join them as they discuss the impact of racial remarks, the dynamics of living in predominantly white environments, and the significance of empowering their children to embrace their unique identities.

Tune in and hear what life is like for your favorite Father Hoods on episode 272 of the Father Hoods podcast!


  • KGB opens up about the challenges his son faces in defining his racial and cultural identity, reflecting on the confusion and complexities in a mixed household.
  • Manny Digital shares his experiences with racial dynamics in his kid’s schools and recalls his own interactions from his own upbringing.
  • The hosts explore the impact of their appearance as fathers, discussing Manny Digital’s decision to go bald and the  cultural connotations associated with hair and identity.
  • KGB and Manny Digital offer valuable insights and advice on fostering confidence and resilience in children of mixed race, highlighting the importance of empowering them to navigate complex cultural perspectives.
  • Manny Digital seeks advice on maintaining his clean-shaven look, sparking a conversation about grooming tips and the authenticity of embracing one’s appearance.

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