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Ep. 273: #Throwback: Kid 💩

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Join your favorite podcasting Dads DJ EFN, KGB and Manny Digital on this throwback episode of Father Hoods as they dive into a wide range of Fatherhood topics. From discussing the challenges of helping their children with homework to navigating school transitions, the hosts open up about their experiences and share valuable insights. 

Tap in now and hear their thoughts on school funding disparities, parent involvement, dealing with tantrums, and maintaining a balanced schedule. 

With plenty of humor and heartfelt moments, this episode is a must-listen for all dads looking to relate and gain parenting wisdom.


  • The hosts explore the topic of homework, sharing their children’s experiences and discussing the importance of parental involvement. 
  • They delve into the issues surrounding school funding and resources, highlighting the impact of attendance and parent engagement. 
  • Manny Digital shares about his daughter’s smooth transitions to different schools in different states and how she adapted well academically and socially. 
  • DJ EFN seeks advice on dealing with his daughter’s food tantrums, sparking a lively conversation on strategies for calming tantrums and creating positive eating habits. 
  • The hosts wrap up with a discussion on time management and using shared calendars to navigate conflicting schedules and prioritize family time.

Yo Father Hoods fam, when you’re out and about with your baby and they start whylin out, what do you do? Most Dads fumble through the traditional baby bag their lady prepped for them trying to find that one thing that will calm the kid down. That doesn’t have to be your life!


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