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Ep. 278: #Throwback: Kids, Holidays and Digital Parenting Struggles

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Jump into the past with Manny Digital and KGB on this throwback episode of the Father Hoods podcast! Explore the challenges and joys of fatherhood during the holiday season, from juggling professional and personal responsibilities to celebrating the digital-less milestones of their kids. Get practical tips on handling travel struggles, peer pressure, and navigating the digital era’s parenting landscape. The episode wraps up with a powerful emphasis on the essence of responsible fatherhood. Tune in for a journey through laughter, insights, and reflections!

Yo Father Hoods fam, when you’re out and about with your baby and they start whylin out, what do you do? Most Dads fumble through the traditional baby bag their lady prepped for them trying to find that one thing that will calm the kid down. That doesn’t have to be your life!


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