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Ep. 282: Bald Dad Guilt

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Dive into the latest episode of the Father Hoods Pod with DJ EFN and Manny Digital as they navigate the nuances of managing a bald lifestyle and the quest for the perfect shaving tools. 

Shifting gears, the Dads embark on a candid discussion about a relatable experience: Parental Guilt. DJ EFN opens up about the emotional struggles tied to parent guilt, especially within the context of his role on Drink Champs, shedding light on alcohol’s impact as a depressant and its influence on his self-awareness and concern for his children’s well-being. 

The conversation takes a contemplative turn as the Dads share insights on the rapid growth of technology and its potential impact on future generations. Tune in for a thought-provoking conversation!

Yo Father Hoods fam, when you’re out and about with your baby and they start whylin out, what do you do? Most Dads fumble through the traditional baby bag their lady prepped for them trying to find that one thing that will calm the kid down. That doesn’t have to be your life!


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