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Ep. 290: Beyond Organic: Fatherhood and Nutrition

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Welcome back to another exciting episode of the Father Hoods! 

Join DJ EFN, Manny Digital, and KGB as they have a thought-provoking dialogue centered around the crucial intersection of children’s nutrition and the challenges it brings to parenting. They explore this generation’s pressing concerns such as the impact of processed foods, meat consumption, and hormonal influences on children’s development. 

Alongside nutritional insights, the conversation jumps into the joys and struggles of teaching kids new skills, managing daily life, and fostering healthy eating habits from an early age.

Tune in for your weekly dose of fatherhood realness!!!

Yo Father Hoods fam, when you’re out and about with your baby and they start whylin out, what do you do? Most Dads fumble through the traditional baby bag their lady prepped for them trying to find that one thing that will calm the kid down. That doesn’t have to be your life!


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