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Ep. 63 – Cry or Lie

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We start things off discussing recent events with rapper T.I., his visits to the gynecologist with his daughter and the fallout that followed. LADIES! Helps us understand why this became such a big deal. Shoot us a voice note with your comments to fatherhoodspod@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you!

A discussion then follows regarding the value of children walking away from activities. KGB walks us through his situation with his son wanting to drop Ju Jitsu. Manny Digital recounts how he and his son worked through a similar hurdle. DJ EFN lends his philosophies and hypothesis on how to work through this.

On this week’s LYING UPDATE… KGB tells the story of a parking lot car accident he had and how he was able to use that experience as a lesson in why NOT to lie.

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