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Ep. 96: In Father Hoods We Trust feat. 38 Spesh

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When you grow up without a father the assumption is you’ll end up repeating the cycle with your own kids. We’ve shown on the podcast through the many guests we’ve had that the truth is, we learn from our father’s mistakes how to DO BETTER. On this episode we kick it with NY rapper/producer 38 Spesh.
You’ll learn…
  • How having a kid in his teens made 38 Spesh gain a sense of responsibility early
  • Why being a Dad is more than jus providing financially
  • What steps 38 Spesh took that has benefited him financially to ride out COVID-19
  • The significance of Kool G. Rap in Spesh’s life and rhymes (and why it took 4 years for him to release “Son of G Rap”)
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